History of PA Profession
The PA profession in Ghana has over the years undergone metamorphorical changes in nomeclature.The name change has at every stage of metamorphosis been occasioned by different reasons.But the main reason has perhaps been because of the expanding roles and responsibilities of the PA in the ever changing face of medical practice and dentistryBasically, the PA profession has seen three distinct name changes during the many years of its existence; namely
1.Health Centre Suprintendent
2.Medical Assistant
3.Physician Assistant
The Medical Assistant programme was producing two categories of professionals:
1.Medical Assistant – General
2.Community Oral Health Officer (COHO)
Susequently, there was introduction of Direct Medical Assistant programme that admits science students with good SSCE/WASSCE results.However, there was uncertainty with regards to the body regulating the training and the practice of Medical Assistants.
On 2nd November, 2010, Medical and Dental Council was directed by Minister of Health to start regulating the training and practice of Medical Assistants.Meanwhile, private universities had also started BSc Physician Assistant Programme.
GPAA realizing the ramifications of the issue of salary discrepancy, started engaging the relevant authorities to resolve the problem. This resulted in a nation wide strike which finally brought about the resolution of the issue of salary discrepancy.Currently, work is progressing steadily with the development of new document on job description for PAs in line with the current training and skill development.
The Ghana experience with PA analogue has been a hurculean long journey though encouraging. With the prospects of specialits PA programmes in sight, the future of the PA profession can only get better. To achieve this, all PA professional bodies in all its forms in the world over, must work closely together. And that is why the importance of this inspiring gathering cannot be overemphasised.
The Post-Basic Medical Assistants were automatically converted to Physician Assistants while the Direct Medical Assistants remained Medical Assistants with the attendant salary differences.This phenomenon broke the front of the Ghana Physician Assistant Association (GPAA).

Upcoming GPAA Programmes

2nd Edition of SVUM 2020 International Show From 11th–15th February, 2020.
Council Meeting 16th-18th April,2020.Venue:Washington View Hotel, Kumasi
GoverningBody/Council Meeting, 16th–18th July,2020.
GPAA Affiliates, Sponsors And Donors

The Ghana Physician Assistants Association formerly known as the Ghana Medical Assistants Association has been in existence for over four (4) decades and had had many leaders.

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